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Bali top rated attractions – White Water Raft the Ayung River

Top Attractions, Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

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Bali rafting or the white water raft the Ayung River is one such activity that one must surely do while spending vacations in Bali. It offers everyone the best chance to test their adrenaline and feel the thrilling sensation while conquering the rapids of the river along with family and friends. 

The Ayung River is most amazing and spectacular river in Bali, which is among the Bali top rated attractions too. This spectacular river comprises of fun filled rapids that are featured with magnificent waterfalls, unspoiled rainforest and stone carving on the river wall.   

What makes White Water Raft the Ayung River the best attraction in Bali?

While on a vacation, everyone looks for an adventure filled activity which they can enjoy along with their family and friends. The white-water rafting trips organized by the service providers are awesome for all first timers. Being Bali top rated attraction, this place is quite suitable for people who are not expert in rafting. It will surely offer them an unforgettable experience. It comes with a different sensation and challenging atmosphere in which you will discover the hidden waterfalls, swim in the pristine water and enjoy the spectacular scenery of some of the best attractions in Bali. 

You will surely love to get back to nature by paddling, splashing and thrilling with the rhythm of this river. The trained professionals and experienced rafting guides will offer you safety rafting equipment to make rafting experience safer and more exciting than ever. People of all ages will have huge fun and great adventure on the Ayung River. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Bali to be a part of this great excursion. 

 White Water Raft the Ayung River | Group activities in Bali

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