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Interesting Hong Kong Experiences - Cha Chan Teng

Interesting Things, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Cha Chan Teng, which means “tea restaurant” in English, is a popular chain of restaurants in China and is even found in different places in Hong Kong. After the 2nd world war, there was a huge demand for western food in China, but most of the restaurants served western dishes which were very expensive and beyond the reach of middle class Chinese people. At this point of time, Cha Chan Teng was established where cheap western food became very popular in Hong Kong. Even until today Cha Chan Teng is carrying its age old tradition of serving western food at very affordable rates and travelers from other countries keep among interesting Hong Kong Experience- Cha Chan Teng.

Reasons behind success:

Among recommended Hong Kong activities, visiting Cha Chan Teng is always an exceptional experience for the city travelers. Three primary factors are behind their success:

Availability of the restaurant almost everywhere in Hong Kong.

Availability of Chinese and western food and popular dishes at affordable rates.

Keeping age-old tradition of Hong Kong style tea houses, which is hardly seen in today’s ultra-modern Hong Kong.

For these features, the restaurants always remain crowded with diversified customers. For travelers, who want interesting Hong Kong experience-Cha Chan Tang is the most-visit destination. 

Most favored foods:

Concoction of different flavors and milk with tea is a comparatively new concept in Hong Kong. These differently flavored milk teas and also the traditional Chinese tea are primary interests of customers.

Egg Tart having Chinese style of preparation with western ingredients is very popular here.

Lou Ding is an instant noodle which is very popular among the customers coming to this restaurant.

 This one of the highly recommended Hong Kong activities which is sure to create an everlasting memory for a customer. Travelers are astonished to know the age-old history and the way this chain of restaurant is still carrying the pure Hong Kong tradition in their cuisine in the most modern ways. 

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