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Interesting things to do in Phuket – Surfing

Interesting Things, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Among the most interesting things to do in Phuket- Surfing always remains as priority in the itinerary of water game and adventure loving tourists all around the world. Surfing is fun, but it needs some knowledge to get maximum fun out of this water game. In Phuket, there are a number of famous beaches all around the region which are always crowded with surfers. 

Features of famous surfing beaches in Phuket:

Being the one of the Phuket top activities, here are some interesting features of the beaches for the surfers:

Bang Tao Beach: Waves up to 3 meters are formed here. In the middle, there is no uneven swell which is just perfect for the surfers. Along the north, the waves get bigger and wavier. 

Kalim Beach: It’s one of the busiest beaches in Phuket. The beach is free from uneven swells and offers a very smooth to ride. Waves are 50-100 meter long and swallow at the end.

Kata Beach: This is known as the surfing capital of Phuket. An annual competition takes place each year at the kata beach.

Kata Noi Beach: Here the wind blows from south to north and the waves get as high as 2 meters. 

Mai Khao Beach: Here the surfers get a scope to experience very consistent surfing due to a steep drop of the waves.

As one of the interesting things to do in Phuket- Surfing can also be done in other popular beaches like Kamala Beach, Nai Harn Beach, Nai Thorn Beach, Patong Beach and many more all around the region. 

Being one of the Phuket top activities, thousands of surfers from different parts of the world come to Phuket. 

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