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Phuket Nights spots - Walking Street (Lardyai)

Popular Night Spots, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Phuket Night Spot | Things to do in Phuket

Among the popular Phuket Nights spots- Walking Street (Lardyai) is the newest addition to the list. In colloquial language its termed as “Tallad Yai”, which means the big market. This well decorated market is situated on Thalang Road. The market opens in the afternoon on every Sunday and remains open until midnight. Thalang is the habitat of Chinese, Muslims and Indians. These major communities in Thalang have established shops with different products on the walking street.  Travelers and local people can window shop or buy products while walking through the street. It has become one of the favorite night spots in Phuket.

Some interesting aspects of walking street:

Among the popular Phuket Nights spots- Walking Street (Lardyai) is famous for two things- splendid dishes and souvenirs. Though, many other items like t-shirts and handicrafts are also sold abundantly. Among different food items chicken, pork, traditional Thai sweets called Khanoms, ice-creams, fruit juices, Indian sweets and Chinese dishes are very popular here. There are good many stall owners selling customized knitted dolls, flip flops, and fashion jewelries made on the spot with selected raw materials by the customers instantly.  T-shirts sold here carry different historical and traditional aspects of Thailand and communities staying in Thalang. 

Other features:

Here are some other features of walking street (Lardyai):

At the entrance of the place, a fabulous Chinese- designed gate is erected with the word Lardyai written very artistically in Thai, Chinese and English languages.

Entertainment shows are arranged frequently where the performers dance, sing and play in local languages and local tunes. 

As a whole this apparently sober, well-maintained and peaceful walking street (Lardyai) has become one of the favorite night spots in Phuket among all those travelers who want to get a hands-on experience on traditional and cultural aspects of Thailand along with the local culture.

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