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Bali's best undiscovered beaches - Balangan Beach

Best Beaches, Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

Balangan Beach, one of the Bali’s best undiscovered beaches, is popular among the tourists who look for a bit of relief from hustle and bustle of the city life. The Beach is locally called Pantai Balangan. It is one of Bali’s most popular and scenic beaches, and at the same time is the most undiscovered beach in Bali. A long stretch of gorgeous half-kilometre golden sand beach, between age-old limestone cliffs on one side and a long reef with one of the longest wave breakers in B....

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Bali's coolest place to be seen - Geger Beach

Coolest Place , Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

There is no dearth of Beaches in Bali along the coastline of Indian Ocean, but popularity of some of the best beaches in Bali has reached at such a level that maintaining privacy and spending some easy-going hours are very tough there. Those looking for peaceful, serene environment can drop at Geger Beach, which is located very near to the highway towards Nusa Dua. It is considered as the coolest place to visit in Bali. 


With calm, blue water and golden sands, the Beach has become Bali’s coolest place to see in recent years. A few se....

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Bali recommended sightseeing - USS Liberty Shipwreck

Sightseeing Itineraries, Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

The USS Liberty Shipwreck is among the most easily dived wrecks for the world. This place has successfully established a great international reputation for offering top rated sightseeing for Bali tourist. It is quite a famous dive site and tourist hub in Bali. It is also one of the best sunken ship wrecks in the world that is a perfect location for all those travelers who just love adrenaline rich activities. 

A cool destination for divers: 

The night dives of USS Liberty Shipwreck are truly unforgettable. Every night the monstrous and hump head parrot fish c....

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Bali top rated attractions – White Water Raft the Ayung River

Top Attractions, Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

bBali Attraction | Activities in Bali

Bali rafting or the white water raft the Ayung River is one such activity that one must surely do while spending vacations in Bali. It offers everyone the bes....

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Bali top rated attractions -Elephant trekking at activity Bali Elephant Camp

Top Attractions, Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

The elephant trekking has now become the crucial part of the people living in Bali. It signifies the glorious history of the royals living in this state. It is a perfect fun activity for all those people who are planning to visit Bali in the coming vacations. The elephant trekking at Bali Elephant Camp will offer you the opportunity to ride these magnificent creatures into the nice villages, lush green jungles and rice terraces of Bali. The visitors will feel like the king throughout this royal ride, sitting on the teak chair swaying back and forth with the movement of this greate....

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Bali's top experiences - Bali ATV Tours Seaside Villages and Beach Ride

Best Experiences, Published on 5 October 2015, Monday

Bali ATV Tours Seaside Villages and Beach sides will surely offer you the best experiences in Bali, which are loaded with fun and exhilaration of cruising along the black sand beaches. You can pamper your eyes with views of rural panorama while crossing the fresh water stream and surfing along the sides of Yeh Gangaa. The ATV program offered by the service providers comprises of powerful four-wheeled motorcycles with a challenging and unforgettable experience while going through the ....

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Bali must see attraction - Elephant Cave in Bali - Goa Gajah

Must See, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Elephant Cave in Bali - Goa Gajah is a Bali must see attraction. Goa Gajah, with all its rock-wall cravings and archeological  sites most of which date back to the 11th century, has been attracting thousands of curious visitors from all around the World. The Elephant cave is located at Bedulu Village in Gianyar regency near Ubud, Bali. It’s one of the must see attractions in Bali, especially for history loving tourists.

Things to do in Goa Gajah:

UNESCO has added the Elephan....

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Bali best activity and attraction - Waterbom 

Best Attractions, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Bali Attraction | Bali Waterbom

If you want to have a fun-filled day in Bali with lots of physical activities, Waterbom in Bali is inevitable. Being the most famous water park in Asia, this Bali best activity and attraction is visited at least once by every tourist who comes to spend some days in Bali. With lots of activity hubs, dining restaurants and swim-up bars, this water p....

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Bali interesting experiences - Sekumpul Waterfalls

Interesting Things, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Apart from Gitgit, the most visited waterfall in Bali and Aling-Aling, another amazing and scenic waterfall, the Sekumpul waterfalls, is considered the most attractive waterfall in Bali. In local language Sekumpul means “a group of”, and there are seven waterfalls here on the north side of Bali in Singaraja Buleleng regency that the tourists can count among top Bali interesting experiences. Its wonderful location and scenic beauty amidst the dense green forest have made it one of the interesting ....

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Bali's recommended attractions - Devil's Tears

Recommended Attractions, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Devil's Tears is a spectacular rock formation in Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia, which has been shaped by towering  waves of the Indian Ocean that spiral up the cliff. The location can be accessed by a bumpy road, then through an unmarked track towards the beach. Devil's Tears is very near to Dream Beach. It’s one of the Bali’s recommended attractions that attract thousands of tourists from different parts of the World throughout the year. The spectacular view of Indian Ocean a....

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Bali's best views and sightseeing - Mount Agung

Sightseeing Itineraries, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Bali Sightseeing

Mount Agung, also known as Gunung Agung in local language, is the one among the places of best sightseeing in Bali. This famous mountain in Bali is the highest peak, having an elevation of almost 3100 meters from the sea level and also possessing the mouth of a Strato-volcano which last erupted in 1963. This place for one of the Bali’s best views and sight....

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Bali's best hangout location - Nusa Dua Beach

Best Locations, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

If you’re looking for the Bali’s best hangout location, then Nusa Dua beach is worth visiting. It’s a stunning beach to go for a long and relaxing walk. Apparently, free from crowd and congestion  walking through the beach, especially at sunrise and sunset, is worth mentioning. Lots of bars, comparatively fewer vendors, good eating places and cheap massage parlors have made this beach one of the best views and hangout locations in Bali.

Top activities around the beach:

Being Bali’s best hangout location, the beach and surrounding areas are filled with many....

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Bali's beach to experience - Kuta Beach

Best Experiences, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Kuta is administratively a district of Bali, which has substantially turned into one of the prime destinations from an easy-going fishing village on the shore of Indian Ocean. Kuta Beach is now considered as the best beach experience in Bali. For the international tourists, the beach is famous for long sandy stretch, big ocean waves, best restaurants, hotels and a favourite destination for surfers.  This is a splendid Bali’s beach to experience exquisite beach life.


Kuta is located in the western side of Bali. The place is very near ....

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Bali's best family beach - Sanur Beach

Family Beach, Published on 2 October 2015, Friday

Sanur Beach, a beach well-known for its calm and cosy environment, is also the earliest Beach resort featured mostly as the best family vacation beach in Bali. The beach is located on the coast of the village Sanur. It stretches almost 5 km with a comparatively thin coastline in comparison to Kuta Beach, but the golden sand throughout the beach area and small corals are very distinctive, which are not so prominent in other crowded beaches in Bali. Tourists come here to spend a few days with their family members in a completely peaceful ambience. As per past visito....

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Top five things to do in Bali

Top 5 things to do, Published on 13 August 2015, Thursday

Bali is an island located in Indonesia. It is a very beautiful place with magnificent scenarios and is well known for its forested Volcanic mountains, rice terraces, fields, beaches, coral reefs, and archeological sites. The island’s inhabitants are the Indonesian Hindus, famously known for their rich spiritual and religious culture. It is the most visited place in Indonesia as tourists flock the place to go spend some time on the beautiful island. When you visit Bali there are some things you have to see, and you must not leave this beautiful place without visiting them. This i....

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How to get around Bali

How to get around, Published on 16 July 2015, Thursday

Bali Sightseeing

Bali is one of the most fascinating places in the world. Being a busy town due to its spellbinding environment, transport has been compromised mostly by endless jams on the streets. Bali airport taxis could act to initiate your joy as you get off from your flight to the place where you have booked your hotel. You can hire a taxi with a driver or without, depending on your preference. Charges var....

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Top 3 night spots in Bali

Top 5 things to do, Published on 15 July 2015, Wednesday

Most of us don’t know there is a place known as Bali, famed as island of the gods. It is one of the most beautiful places on this planet with a varied landscape of rugged coastline, hills and mountains, the sandy beaches and lush terraces of rice, which all add an amazing backdrop to the place. Bali is an island and also a province which is located in Indonesia. It has the largest tourist destination known for developed arts, traditional and modern dances, paintings, leather, music, sculptures, archeological attractions and is famously known for its de....

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