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Top activities in Hong Kong – Charter a Junk

Top Activities, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Hong Kong Junk | Activities in Hong Kong

If you are trying to decide on the top activities in Hong Kong – charter a junk. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to ....

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Top activities in Hong Kong – Heli-Tour of Hong Kong

Top Activities, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

An aerial view of a city, irrespective of where the city is located, is supposed to be one of the most breathtaking ones. Taking in such a view is also a humbling experience because it shows us how small we are in the general scheme of things. One of the top activities in Hong Kong – heli-tour of Hong Kong – does a bit of both things. Not only does it afford a superlative view of Hong Kong with its formidable skyline but also establishes the gigantic scale of the imposing structures.

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Recommended Hong Kong Sightseeing – Star Ferry

Sightseeing Itineraries, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Hong Kong Star Ferry

Hong Kong being an archipelago of 120 islands and not a solid landmass as might be expected, it is no wonder that the ferry service between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon is considered top rated sightseeing in Hong Kong. This highly recommended Hong Kong sightseeing – Star Ferry – will afford you a view of the intriguing Hong Kong coastline as few other transit options would.

The origin of this ferry service goes back a long way – to 1870, in fact, when an Engli....

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Top rated Hong Kong Places of Interest – Roof of the IFC Mall

Places of Interest, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Letting one’s hair down in plush surroundings with a perfect heart stopping view sounds like an inexpensive proposition. But if you are looking for one of the top rated Hong Kong places of interest – roof of the IFC Mall is a place that might surprise you. And if you do have money to blow and are also looking to do some shopping at the designer outlets, this is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Hong Kong.

The famed rooftop of this mall, situated on the waterfr....

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Top Hong Kong attraction – Ocean Park

Top Attractions, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

When we think of theme parks or amusement parks, most of us have entertainment in mind. It is a place where one goes, gets in and is promised a few solid hours of non-stop fun activities till one comes out again. Right? Wrong! A top Hong Kong attraction – Ocean Park, a marine-life theme park – promises a whale of a time to all visitors, no doubt. But it also offers the unlikely, yet unbeatable, combo of education and conservation in its theme pa....

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Best Hong Kong attraction – Hong Kong Disneyland

Best Attractions, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Hong Kong Disneyland | Hong Kong AttractionIt is next to impossible to find someone who has not, at some point in their life, had at least one favourite Disney character. And the definition of having a good time for most kids (and some adults who are kids at heart) is to spend a day in the company of these old favourites. Arguably the best Hong Kong attra....

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Interesting Hong Kong Experiences - Cha Chan Teng

Interesting Things, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Cha Chan Teng, which means “tea restaurant” in English, is a popular chain of restaurants in China and is even found in different places in Hong Kong. After the 2nd world war, there was a huge demand for western food in China, but most of the restaurants served western dishes which were very expensive and beyond the reach of middle class Chinese people. At this point of time, Cha Chan Teng was established where cheap western food became very popular in Hong Kong. Even until today....

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Interesting Hong Kong Shopping - Tsim Sha Tsui

Shopping, Published on 1 October 2015, Thursday

Tsim Sha Tsui is a posh urban area in the southern part of Hong Kong. Popularly termed as TST. This place is considered as the heaven of shoppers. With world class retail brands, large shopping malls and ever popular Chinese products available here, Tsim Sha Tsui is now one of the best Hong Kong shopping areas. Shoppers of all categories find their desired products within an affordable range in this amazing shopping area. Travelers and other visitors just love to drop in this fabulous area of interesting Hong Kong Shopping- Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s truly an international shopping cen....

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